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At DarGlobal, we believe there is no better investment than an investment in luxury. We take pride in choosing the best-in-class locations and properties to provide lucrative investment opportunities for our clients. DarGlobal collaborates with icons such as the Trump Organization, W Hotels, Missoni, Versace, Pagani, ELIE SAAB, Automobili Lamborghini and others, to deliver exclusively breathtaking living experiences. 


28 Years of Experience
15000+ Residential Units Delivered
Building on the legacy of the largest real estate company in the region
8.2bn USD in assests


Invest in Luxury

Great ideas are born from great beliefs. We profoundly believe in the timeless value of luxury, a kind of wealth in constant growth for its own intrinsic nature, that represents one of the wisest and most foresighted investments of our changing times. Established in 2017 to upend the global luxury real estate market, DarGlobal combines experience and innovation to deliver the highest quality properties.

World-class architects curate DarGlobal’s homes, which are modeled by renowned design and fashion icons; each home is built with the highest quality materials and maintained by top experts within the field. DarGlobal is always the first to scout the most prestigious and attractive locations, providing lucrative investment opportunities for a distinct clientele.

Bold Sophistication

Unrivalled in the industry, DarGlobal embarks on new frontiers by choosing quintessential, handpicked locations across the world’s capitals. This is coupled with exclusive collaborations, including Missoni, W Hotels Worldwide, Versace Home, Elie Saab, Pagani and Lamborghini; DarGlobal’s offerings are bold and sophisticated, delivering premium quality at every engagement.

Unique Curation

Curating and maintaining state-of-the-art experiences requires a high level of engagement, which is ingrained in DarGlobal’s DNA when developing projects. In each instance of setting up a new project at a new location, DarGlobal meticulously ensures each detail is fully attended to, ensuring that all desires of their exquisite clientele are fully met.

Progressive Anarchy

DarGlobal recognizes that no rules are associated with achieving your ultimate living experience; there are only great ideas with impeccable execution. DarGlobal combines experience, knowledge and innovation with world-class talent in respective fields to create unparalleled vacation homes.

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